Mia Myhr and the Chaos Crystal is the second book in the series about Mia Myhr. It is a thrilling and chilling fantasy with a dose of humor – and mystery.
Mia Myhr has traveled to a grim world called Ravnareir where she, together with her companion Ekko, continues the search for her sister Hanna who disappeared in the lake with the other children.

This new and mysterious underworld presents more challenges than Mia expected. Scary creatures, a people who kill for magic and a dark figure who is searching for something called the Chaos Crystal. What will happen if they discover that Mia is a human, and why has her own crystal started talking to her?
Egmont Kids Media 2022
191 Pages
Original title: Mia Myr og kaoskrystallen
ISBN: 9788242975591​​​​​​​
Pages from the book

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